December 5

Tips On Getting More From Your Indexable Cutting Tools

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1] After using the 80 degree corners of CNMG inserts put the insert back and utilise the 100 degree corners as straight turning tools with a modified tool holder that provides for 75 degrees approach angle.

2] Boring CNC cutting tools carrying CCMT inserts for finish boring operations can be reused utilising the 100 degree corners as a through boring tool.

3] Most boring tools inserts and turning tools inserts that are used for finish machining [to maintain close tolerances and required surface finish] are used for depths of cut of not more than 0.20 mm or .008 inch. They are generally under utilised when compared to all other tools used in machine shops. Depending on the materials that are machined and after a certain amount of usage as finish cutting tools they can be again used for stock removal on the bores and the outside diameters of parts.

4] Most turning tools CNC inserts after use can be again put to use for plunge machining of chamfers in parts by using a suitable tool holder.

5] Tool change frequency is very essential in machine shops that are mass producing parts. Establish tool change frequency for every operation keeping in mind the quality levels to be met and maximizing tool life.


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