November 21

Lathe Tools – What Are The Common Uses?

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A lathe tool is used on a lathe. A lathe is a machine that uses different types of tools to perform a wide range of operations such drilling and cutting. The lathe machine rotates a work piece on its axis while the different types of tools are applied to the work piece. Lathes remove material from the rotating work piece through movements of different types of tools, dormer drillsu drill such as drill bits and tool bits.

Although lathes were initially designed to machine metals, these days, lathes are used to work on a variety of materials which are used in a wide range of applications. Today, lathes are generally used in metal working, metal spinning, wood working and glass working.

Lathes have different designs, which depend on the application or use. Advanced, top quality lathes use computerized control systems with programming capabilities, and this allows for automatic production of high quality components. Manually controlled lathes play an essential role in the fabrication of detailed metal parts.

What are the main tools used on lathes?

Metal Working Lathe Tools

A wide range of tools are used on metal working lathes to create technical parts from high grade steel and workable metals with high precision dimensional accuracies. Cutters or cutting tools, carbide tipped tools, lathe turning tools, lathe parting off tools and drill bits are some of the main types of tools that are used on metal lathes.

The use of lathes and lathe tools has been increasing in recent years in several industries. If you need to purchase a lathe tool, it is important to look for a supplier with a long history supplying top quality tools.

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